08 November 2007

I guess not

Darlings, don't get your hopes up on that sort-of announced Sony release of Roman Polanski's exquisite Repulsion, as the future is looking grim. Two websites, DavisDVD (which looks to be rather defunct at the moment) and TLAVideo.com (who still lists the projected December 11th release date, though with the old UPC code), led fans to believe that, perhaps, Repulsion might get the treatment it deserves in the US, a treatment that was not given by the two previous studios, neither of which worth noting, who released dollar-bin releases of the classic (one didn't even have images from the film on the box; instead a lousy photo-shopped picture of Catherine Deneuve). As no other site appears to be listing this release, I think it's dead in the water. You can still keep your fingers crossed, but I wouldn't press them together too tightly.

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