13 January 2006

Young Americans

Pick of the Day: Dogville - dir. Lars von Trier - 2003 - Denmark

I've never really been a fan of Von Trier or his faux realism snuff films, Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark. But Dogville really fucked me up. For once, he takes the furthest step from his ridiculous Dogme 95 manifesto, making an atmosphere that welcomes his crassness and cynicism. Speaking from a voice directly opposite The Doom Generation (read below), he approaches Dogville, the film and the town, with an omnipotent voice, removing the spacial boundaries of the town and replacing them with chalk outlines. Experimental theatre doesn't sound like it'd transfer well onscreen, especially one so theoretical, but Von Trier's a bloody asshole and makes Dogville's three-hour running length scathingly entertaining. Nicole Kidman, looking like she has no idea what's going on, plays Grace, our protgaonist who stumbles upon the small American town in question. A ruthless dissection of Americana. Look for the sequel, Manderlay, in theatres next month.

Just for fun, Von Trier had this to say: "Put my American trilogy together and you'll have one hell of a grim evening. And you will not be entertained at all!" All filmmakers are liars, and Von Trier is the king.

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Charlotte said...

I loved Dogville and I am no fan of Lars. Nicole Kidman nas never been better; ever; and she never will be again. I will miss her as Grace in Manderlay. xxx