01 July 2006

Experimental Cinema 101

Oh, the dawning of technology! If you're anything like me, you may find yourself spending countless hours browsing through videos on YouTube. Starlingly, I found today that YouTube isn't just a catelogue for people to post their lame-ass video diaries or fan videos of Beyonce. I actually discovered that someone has uploaded nearly all of Kenneth Anger's videos on there. I'm sure film purists would be sharpening their knives at the sound of this, but if you're interested, I'd certainly direct you that-a-way. As the films still haven't surfaced on DVD (Fantoma owns the rights and appears to be having difficulty with song copyrights), this is probably the easiest way to find Anger's films, including Scorpio Rising, Fireworks, The Invocation of My Demon Brother, and Lucifer Rising (The Inauguration of the Pleasuredome, with Anais Nin, was not uploaded).

In addition to Anger, you can also brush up on your early experimental cinema by checking out Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon. I do have idealogical reservations about having people view these films on your computer, but when you don't have access to a projector, the film reel, or even a place where one can see such films... you take what you can get. So stop watching Britney Spears dropping her kid, and check these out.


Maya said...

Joe, this is welcome news. I, for one, would definitely be interested in pointers to Kenneth Anger's work. You might want to also contribute that information to a "blogathon" on experimental work that will be held at Girish Shambu's blogsite come August. Thanks for offering up the clips.

J said...

Thanks for notifying me -- I didn't have time to do the Abel Ferrara one, but I'll be sure to set aside free time for this topic. The thanks should be given to those people (there are a few) who've posted the Deren, Anger, and George Kuchar films on YouTube.