10 August 2006


I'm going to take this oppertunity to plug my friend Bradford's Gregg Araki blog-a-thon (well, he's really the only one involved). Araki is easily one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated American filmmakers of the past twenty years, with films like The Doom Generation (above) and his commercially successful Mysterious Skin, and Bradford offers brilliant defense for his importance.

Opening Words About Araki
The Living End: "Fuck the World"
Totally Fucked Up: "The Decline of the Stupid Fucking Western Civilization"
The Doom Generation: "Little Miss Gloom and Doom"

You can check his blog for further updates, which will include Nowhere, Splendor, Mysterious Skin, and ending with Three Bewildered People in the Night. I will probably voice my thoughts some point in the next coming weeks.

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