20 February 2007

Whatta Jackass.

Ron Howard, a man who may have only made one decent film in his entire career and a director responsible for such shitfests as The Da Vinci Code, Far and Away, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is reportedly interested in remaking Michael Haneke's Caché, which would make for the second Haneke remake in the works (Haneke himself is currently directing an English-language Funny Games with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth). In the article I read he really wants to up the suspense and consequences of the film, which sounds positively nauseating. The Razzies website described The Da Vinci Code as a thriller that thrilled no one but its financiers, so we know what Howard can do with suspense. Let's hope this falls off the radar, as Tom Cruise's remake of the Pang brothers' The Eye has not (Jessica Alba, groan, is set to star). Didn't anyone see the extreme failures of Pulse and The Grudge 2, two other Hollywood remakes? Forget Caché, Howard, and work on that Arrested Development film, for fuck's sake.

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Filmbo said...

You're a Night Shift fan as well?

By the way, his re-making of Cache is some way more horrifying than Haneke could ever imagine.