03 June 2007

In a Lonely Place

In another Cannes acquisition, The Weinstein Company have picked up Control, the Ian Curtis biopic, for a 2007 release. The film, which was the runner up for the Camera d'Or (which awards best first films), is just one of the many lucrative deals the Weinsteins made at the festival this year which also include Wong Kar-wai's My Blueberry Nights. No U.S. deals have been announced yet for a number of foreign-language films that premiered this year, other than the Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days.

And, just because I couldn't allow myself to not mention this fiasco, I watched Norbit this past week. Imagine the nastiest, grossest torture scene from the Saw movies or Hostel and multiply it by three and you may begin to get an idea of how I felt sitting through this piece of shit. Like most people out there, I have completely forgotten why people found Eddie Murphy funny to begin with. I also wish people would start standing up for quality when it comes to Hollywood filth. If a skin product was released on the market that somehow made your flesh melt off, it'd probably have to come off the shelves. Norbit is no different.

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Hetero-Erotica said...

Why people found Eddie funny:
Beverly Hills Cop
48 Hrs
Trading Places
Coming to America
The Nutty Professor

All of them showcase a comedic genius. His own self indulgence, his temper, and his reclusiveness have led to the rest of his career. I'm not defending Norbit in the least, nor anything outside of Dreamgirls, that he's made in the past 7 years. His career's a piece or shit now...but honestly, you've NEVER found him funny?