08 April 2008

AFI, Here's an idea

Instead of making a list of the most "inspirational" films, why doesn't AFI make a list of the 100 best film soundtracks? I mean, c'mon, you know the only reason they counted down the "inspirational" films was because they wanted to include them in the best films of all time, but felt sheepish doing so. And, I've already bitched about Harold & Maude's placement there. Anyway, I wish I had enough knowledge to make a 100 list for myself, but I have a few suggestions for AFI if they ever pick up on my idea... and I'll steer clear of the obvious ones, like that little movie The Graduate. And I'd probably add every Gregg Araki movie to the list, if only because he and I are musically parallel, but I think they'd probably focus on "Written for the Screen" music.

1. Xanadu - Olivia Netwon-John / Electric Light Orchestra [um, duh]
2. Magnolia - Aimee Mann / Various
3. Reality Bites - Various, including Dinosaur Jr. / Lisa Loeb / U2 / New Order / Crowded House / The Posies / The Knack
4. Good Will Hunting - Elliott Smith
5. Kids - Lou Barlow / Folk Implosion / Sebadoh / Slint
6. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet - Various including Radiohead / Garbage / The Cardigans / Butthole Surfers / Des'ree
7. Once - Glen Hansard / Marketa Irglova [this would probably make the list, but for good reason]
8. Lost Highway - Angelo Badalamenti / Trent Reznor / Various including Marilyn Manson / The Smashing Pumpkins / Rammstein / David Bowie
9. Purple Rain - Prince [um, duh, again]

Unfortunately, upon racking my brain, I realized what a daunting task this might be. Most of the great film/music moments come from pre-released music or even simply from "scores." I mean how could I look past Ennio Morricone? Maybe a "Best Song Made for a Film" would be an easier task. You know Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" would be on top. You know it. And you know, if they actually did a best soundtracks and Whitney didn't make the top 10, there'd be hell to pay.

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