18 January 2009

4 Rare Oshima Films in France This March

Carlotta has announced four hard-to-come-across films from Nagisa Oshima from the 1960s for 4 March 2009 in France. The four films are À propos des chansons paillardes au Japon [or Sing a Song of Sex or A Treatise on Japanese Bawdy Songs] from 1967, Été japonais: Double Suicide [or Japanese Summer: Double Suicide] from 1967, L'obsédé en plein jour [or Violence at Noon or Violence at High Noon] from 1966 and Le retour des trois saoulards [or Three Resurrected Drunkards] from 1968. Carlotta released five other Oshima films, all of which are unavailable in the US, last summer: La Trilogie de la jeunesse [Trilogy of Youth] (which includes Contes cruels de la jeunesse [Cruel Story of Youth], Une ville d'amour et d'espoir [A Street of Love and Hope] and L'enterrement du soleil [The Sun's Burial]), Nuit et brouillard au Japon [Night and Fog in Japan] and Les plaisirs de la chair [Pleasures of the Flesh]. As far as I know, the DVDs only include a French subtitle option (which is pretty commonplace with French DVDs), but several of the titles have also been released through Yume Pictures in the UK with English subs (Violence at High Noon, The Sun's Burial, Night and Fog in Japan, Pleasures of the Flesh and Cruel Story of Youth [under the title Naked Youth]).

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