26 May 2009

Nevermind, The African Queen ain't coming this fall

Via Eric, just as quickly as Paramount announced the long-fucking-overdue release of John Huston's Oscar-winning The African Queen, they've taken that announcement back. Sorry for the confusion, though I think Paramount should be the ones apologizing.


-M said...

They're taking their time digitally replacing Hepburn with Katherine Heigl, alright. Cause really, if you're gonna take so long to release this, at LEAST have it appeal to the youth.

-M said...

Miley Cyrus is replacing Bogart, too. It's "edgy" that way.

RC said...

@ -M -- that's pretty funny.

Katherine Heigl star power seems to week --- why not Miley Cyrus playing both characeters it can be "the best of both worlds" (wasn't that the name of her hannah/miley tour?)

Eric said...

I'm surprised they haven't tapped Keanu Reeves to pull an Eddie Murphy and play everybody... oh yeah, because he's doing that already for the upcoming Jekyll & Hyde film.