10 August 2009

Venice, Toronto 09 in Posters, Round 1

So far, I've found at least 75 posters for the various films playing at this year's Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, so to save on scrolling cramps, I've linked to two earlier posters that contain some of the other films screening this year. I also skipped over the promo posters, but here's what I have so far.

Posters for Los abrazos rotos [Broken Embraces], Vengeance, Mother, Visage [Face] and Enter the Void are located here.

Posters for Un prophète [A Prophet], Precious, J'ai tué ma mère [I Killed My Mother], Eyes Wide Open, Air Doll, La Pivellina and Morrer Como Um Homem [To Die Like a Man] are located here.

Posters for Partir and Hadewijch are located here.


Andrew Grant said...

That Fatih Akin poster is the best, hands down.

reassurance said...

Absolutely! Most of the others aren't really blowing me away, aside from the one for Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl.

Daniel said...

Blond Haired is great of course, the Tetsuo is great too, but really the Resnais is the masterpiece. Independencia is cool too!

Great post.

James McNally said...

Great post. I love the poster for Police, Adjective.

iheartsubtitles said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! TY J!