06 May 2010

Luther Price's Meat Screening in NYC

For those of you in the Big Apple, my friend Bradford Nordeen is presenting a video screening of queer experimental filmmaker Luther Price's super-8 Meat at Louis V E.S.P. in Brooklyn tomorrow night at 8pm (the screening starts at 9). I certainly encourage you to go if you're in the area. Here's a description of Meat from Canyon Cinema:

"Meat is viscerally consuming in its sterile, antiseptic and static giving over of the flesh. Poked, prodded, pinched and disgraced, the humiliated body is sacrificed and the metamorphosis begins ... the fly becomes the shit ... the maggot becomes the bone ... the bone becomes the food ... the food becomes shit and the body becomes the wound ... the institution becomes teeth ... throat and stomach."

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Jordany said...

I would love to go to see this. I'll try to make it.