07 July 2007

Coming soon...

My computer should be on its way to the shop any day now, so the updates will not be as frequent as they once were (this also explains the near drought of posts in the month of June). What you can expect, however, is a review of Dušan Makavejev’s amazing Sweet Movie, with comparisons to Lukas Moodysson’s A Hole in My Heart and other gluttonous classics. Also, his WR: Mysteries of the Organism with a nod to Bruce LaBruce’s The Raspberry Reich. I have already written a review of Zoe Cassavetes’ Broken English, with the amazing Parker Posey who, with Fay Grim and this, is my pick of actress of the year. A review of Joshua, the first narrative feature from the director of Hell House, starring Vera Farmiga and Sam Rockwell, will be available soon as well. Hopefully, all will be patient with my computer ailments, or perhaps I may trek over to my parents’ house more often to write. We’ll see.

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