19 December 2007

Sundance 2008, baited breath

Good news for all Gregg Araki fans (they appear to need it after Smiley Face). The Living End will screen on January 18th at the Sundance Film Festival. Not only has the film been completely remastered and restored by Strand Releasing and Fortissimo Films, but it will appear in its uncut 92-minute version. This is fucking great news as the rest of the line-up for Sundance looks pretty snoozy (except for Bruce LaBruce's Otto; or Up with Dead People... yeah, gay, I know). I would expect a special edition DVD for The Living End (billed as "an irresponsible film by Gregg Araki") sometime in 2008 from Strand, and here's hoping that they can get their hands on the other unavailable Araki titles (Nowhere, Three Bewildered People in the Night, and the made-for-MTV-but-never-aired This Is How the World Ends) and fix the severe fuck-up of the Lionsgate/Trimark Doom Generation disc. Baby steps, I know, but here's hoping.

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