21 September 2008

Girlfriend Is Better

With BFI's Region 2 release of Michelangelo Antonioni's The Red Desert set for 20 October, could this mean that a US release is on its way? It's been an eternity since the Image disc went out of print, and it's not like that disc was pristine by any means. And while we're speaking Antonioni, why not throw Zabriskie Point, Identification of a Woman (which was released by Mr. Bongo Films in the UK this summer) and a re-release of Beyond the Clouds and La notte in the mix? I'll be happy with just Red Desert though. Does Criterion own the rights?

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Anonymous said...

I keep hoping that Rialto would release Red Desert theatrically first, but they haven't gotten back to me on that. It's worth emailing them to see if they respond to you.