22 September 2008


Severin in the UK is set to release Roman Polanski's elusive What?, or Diary of Forbidden Dreams as it is sometimes known. The film stars Marcello Mastroianni and Sydne Rome. The disc streets on 20 October.


Flickhead said...

It's a fascinating film. The scenario concerns Rome running from room to room in a castle full of perverts, gradually losing all her clothes along the way. Polanski plays a very annoying character aptly named 'Mosquito!'

After its initial and financially unsuccessful release (it supposedly grossed $64.00 -- yes, sixty-four dollars -- in the first week in the US), it was cut by the distributor and reissued as Diary of Forbidden Dreams.

filmbo said...

I remember a brilliantly funny moment where Rome is completely naked in her room and notices that Marcello has been spying on her the whole time... not even bothering to hide himself either. He is standing right outside the window with a smile on his face. When she turns in horror to notice someone looking at her, he gives her a thumbs up.

Joe said...

According to what I read, the version that is being released in the UK was 'reportedly stolen from the wine cellar of producer Carlo Ponti'.

I can't wait to see it.

Nicholas Galvin said...

Looks terrific! Even the Polanksi films that aren't considered masterpieces (like The Tenant or his pitch-black rendition of Macbeth) are still bafflingly unique and great despite being somewhat esoteric. And that Marcello is such a hunk!