31 March 2009

The Decade List: (Some of) The Worst Films (2000)

Though I don't wish to devote time writing about the following films, I have made a shortlist of some of the significantly awful films from 2000 that I had the displeasure of seeing:

- Baise-moi - dir. Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi - France
- Battle Royale - dir. Kinji Fukasaku - Japan
- Battlefield Earth - dir. Roger Christian - USA
- Big Momma's House - dir. Raja Gosnell - USA
- Boys and Girls - dir. Robert Iscove - USA
- The Crow: Salvation - dir. Bharat Nalluri - USA/Germany
- Dr. T & the Women - dir. Robert Altman - USA/Germany
- Groove - dir. Greg Harrison - USA
- Hollow Man - dir. Paul Verhoeven - USA/Germany
- How the Grinch Stole Christmas - dir. Ron Howard - USA/Germany
- The Iron Ladies - dir. Youngyooth Thongkonthun - Thailand
- Km. 0 - dir. Yolanda García Serrano, Juan Luis Iborra - Spain
- Malèna - dir. Giuseppe Tornatore - Italy/USA
- Mission: Impossible 2 - dir. John Woo - USA/Germany
- Mission to Mars - dir. Brian De Palma - USA
- Pay It Forward - dir. Mimi Leder - USA
- The Smokers - dir. Kat Slater - USA
- Stardom - dir. Denys Arcand - Canada/France
- Vulgar - dir. Bryan Johnson - USA


craig keller. said...


You might want to revisit Dr. T & the Women at some point, if you get a chance. I think it belongs to a kind of late-Altman underrated-trifecta, along with The Gingerbread Man and The Company.

And then there's something like Tanner on Tanner which wasn't underrated so much as it was completely ignored — and is a major film.

A Prairie Home Companion is close to a masterpiece, but everyone seems to be in agreement (or near-agreement) on that one.

Joe said...

I'm certainly willing to give Dr. T & the Women another shot, but I remember hating it when I first saw it, and I'm usually apt to include bad films from otherwise good, or excellent in the case of Altman, directors, on lists like these.

And, I will certainly be writing about The Company when I get around to 2003 as it ranks among my favorite of his work.