30 March 2009

Pervasive Language

So apparently Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno has been rated NC-17 by the MPAA, and if anyone wonders why the NC-17 is still taboo, the media sure doesn't help change this. Using verbs like "slapped" and "hit" by an NC-17 rating just aids the notion that the rating is a bad thing. Of course, the studio will adjust the film to get its desired under-17 crowd; I just wish online "journalists" could update their vocabulary.


-M said...

There's reports that there was a scene of Bruno either being done or doing a dude that was a major red flag, plus some sort of "swinging dicks" thing. There's also a theory that they threw those in knowing they wouldn't get through, but that it could allow other things to be distracted from.

Joe said...

Well, I for one would have been disappointed NOT to see at least four or five swingin' dicks.