16 April 2010

Criterion in July

Criterion announced their July titles yesterday. Bowing on the 20th, restored versions of two Powell/Pressburger classics, The Red Shoes and Black Narcissus, will make their way onto DVD and Blu-ray (and with fantastic artwork as well). A two-disc set of two early works by Yasujiro Ozu, including the films The Only Son and There Was a Father, is set for the 13th. The latest in Criterion's partnership with IFC Films is actor-turned-director Abdellatif Kechiche's The Secret of the Grain [La graine et le mulet], which will be out on DVD and Blu-ray on the 27th. And finally, a quartet of films from Sacha Guitry–Désiré, The Pearls of the Crown [Les perles de la couronne], Quadrille and The Story of a Cheat [Le roman d'un tricheur]–in an Eclipse box set will finish out the month on the 27th. I'll have a big DVD round-up in the next few days.


filmbo said...

I became sick of Ozu's later works a few years ago and so I stopped watching his movies. But I recently saw THE ONLY SON and it is by far the darkest, and perhaps best, film Ozu ever made. I highly recommend it.

Drew said...

Yeah the artwork is just gorgeous for the two Powell's. Great stuff. I've not seen either of those two Ozu's, but I love my late Ozu Eclipse set, and really want to see more from him, so I will most likely be picking that up. And The Secret of the Grain was just marvelous I thought, really excited for that release. Another solid month in an extremely stellar year for Criterion!