04 November 2012

Tumblr Milestones

For those of you who weren't aware, Fin de cinéma has a Tumblr sister also named Fin de cinema (though currently minus the accent-mark as whatever template I happen to be using now doesn't recognize silly things like that). I originally created her to be able to share inner-circle Tumblr realm secrets with the many friends of mine that already had their own. In its adolescence, she was just a dumping ground for Tilda Swinton photos and Polish film posters, but as time went on, she blossomed into the treasure she is now, a dumping ground for screencaps I've made of films I love (or, films I happen to be watching at the time). With all that said, yesterday she crossed 1000 posts. I wish Tumblr had a better way of cataloging/archiving your own page, but if you like lovely stills from luscious films (and have taste that at least sometimes aligns with my own), make your way over to the Fin de cinema Tumblr for vanishing hours of endless scrolling. She'll be vacationing in Hibiscus Island any day now.

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