02 January 2013

Best of 2012: Bat for Lashes - Laura

I haven't loved any of Bat for Lashes' three albums from start to finish, but with each of them, I've found myself hopelessly devoted to at least one track, so much so that I've put the rest of the album on hold to give said track the repeated listens it so deserves. On her latest LP The Haunted Man, that song is "Laura." A friend of mine suggested that all of her best songs were named after people; I had to disagree as I'd never heard of a person named "Trophy." "Laura" is fabulously decadent melodrama, a requiem perhaps for the woman who once captivated men by the droves at a cabaret that only existed for her. "You're the train that crashed my heart," Natasha Khan exclaims before reassuring, "Oh, Laura, you're more than a superstar." I think of the song as less of a requiem than a glittery reminder to the Laura of the song of what she possessed and, in present tense, still does -- the razzle-dazzle, je ne sais quoi that eternal stars/performers have within. It's not something that wears off, Kahn reminds her (and us) "when you're smile is so wide and your heels are so high." Video below.

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