14 April 2006


Here are some upcoming summer DVDs worthy of mention, more to come as I look harder:

27 June 2006
Michael Haneke's wonderful Caché will be hitting the shelves on today. Let's hope you've caught up on others before then, as Kino will have four of his early works on DVD in May.

That very same day, you can get a taste of what's already rumored to be this year's worst film (even though it's release in the States was delayed by two years), The Libertine, with Johnny Depp hamming it up (isn't that all he does?) opposite Samantha Morton and the loathesome John Malkovich.

But better still... Comedy Central is releasing a box-set of all three seasons of Strangers with Candy just in time for its much-delayed theatrical release. It comes in a very special trapper-keeper packaging. I better sell my copy of Season 1 fast.

Criterion is bringing us Maurice Pialat's somber romance À nos amours in June, along with a double-disc of Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused, which I shamefully enjoy immensely. In May, we'll have Viridiana. And in July, Edward Yang's Yi yi.

Feeling like a good dose of camp? 20th Century Fox is releasing special edition of Valley and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, with awesome cover art to boot.

Along the same lines, in July Universal will be releasing Stoned, a biopic of Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones. TLAVideo suggests that this would be a good match-up with Nicolas Roeg's Performance, where Mick Jagger does his best impersonation of Brian Jones there. Expect plenty of drugs, moppy-hair, and threesomes.

On May 1st, Island Records will be releasing in the UK (in PAL and NTSC versions, don't worry) the first ever PJ Harvey DVD, entitled PJ Harvey On Tour: Please Leave Quietly. The live performances will span her career, from Dry to Uh Huh Her. She's interviewed on her website about the disc.


Matthew said...

Joe, did you read that there will be an interview with Catherine Breillat included on the À nos amours DVD? I will finally see her most recent films this summer. I shamelessly anticipate the new Dazed DVD, along with Yi Yi, Harlan County, and Late Spring. I also cannot wait to watch Valley of the Dolls in its entirety.

Matthew said...

I forgot to mention that I watched the trailer to Stoned, and the film looks horrible. I realize that most trailers are bad, but Stoned looks ten times worse than Oliver Stone's The Doors. While I do not plan on seeing the film to form my own opinion, I secretly hope that Anton Newcombe will protest the film on BJM's website.

J said...

I can always count on Anton for protests. From what I've read, Stoned very much lifts scenes from Roeg and Cammell's Performance, particularly Brian Jones having sex with two women, the blonde looking remarkably a lot like Anita Pallenberg. I'm sure it'll be terrible, but isn't that why God invented the stop button on your DVD player?

Eric said...

You mean you aren't that excited about KOKO?