31 December 2006

Thanks again, Hollywood

Hollywood sure knocked 'em dead this year. I just wanted to post a collage of some of their real gems to refresh your memory. Be sure to enlarge it and check out all your favorites from this past year. And, hey, 2007 already sounds great: we're getting another spoof from the creators of Date Movie! Hostel 2! The Hills Have Eyes 2! Another Hannibal flick! A movie with Eddie Murphy dressed up as a fat black girl! Ghost Rider! Another Tyler Perry film! A movie with Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence and John Travolta called Wild Hogs! Sandra Bullock defying the logic of time again! A CGI Ninja Turles movie! And, if we're lucky, maybe another thirteen films with Scarlett Johansson! Though I can't say I'm excited about another Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film, how can you resist the poster below, with Rose McGowan and a machine-gun leg?


Thom said...

Fuck you. I'm seeing Ghost Rider on the day it's released without a single pang of shame. So there.

Hetero-Erotica said...

1)That picture of Julia Stiles is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The collage as a whole is beautiful.

2)Don't rag on Hostel 2. If it were any other director, it'd be fine, but I highly doubt he'd do a sequel just for sequel's sake. Heather Matarazo! Dying! Come ON!

3)Grindhouse is gonna be super.