10 October 2007

M.I.A. for 2008: Part 6, pre-1950

You must forgive this absent list for I lost a number of the titles I had added when my computer acted up... so please remind me of what I've forgotten.

Prison [Fänglese] - dir. Ingmar Bergman - Sweden - UNK
Silence de la mer, Le - dir. Jean-Pierre Melville - France - Criterion?

Eagle Has Two Heads, The [Aigle à deux têtes, L’] - dir. Jean Cocteau - with Jean Marais - France - Water Bearer Films/Criterion?
Eva - dir. Gustaf Molander - with Eva Dahlbeck - Sweden - UNK
Parents terribles, Les - dir. Jean Cocteau - with Jean Marais, Josette Day - France - Water Bearer Films/Criterion?

Boomerang - dir. Elia Kazan - with Dana Andrews - USA - 20th Century Fox [Previously announced and cancelled]

Letter from an Unknown Woman - dir. Max Ophüls - with Joan Fontaine - USA - Lionsgate/Universal/Criterion?

Song of the South - dir. Harve Foster, Wilfred Jackson - USA - Disney [We’ll see]

Cobra Woman - dir. Robert Siodmak - with Maria Montez, Sabu - USA - UNK

Magnificent Ambersons, The - dir. Orson Welles - USA - Warner

Baker’s Wife, The [Femme du boulanger, La] - dir. Marcel Pagnol - France - UNK

Angel - dir. Ernst Lubitsch - with Marlene Dietrich - USA - Universal

Day in the Country, A [Partie de campagne] - dir. Jean Renoir - France - UNK
Crime of Monsieur Lange, The [Crime de Monsieur Lange, Le] - dir. Jean Renoir - France - Kino

Wind, The - dir. Victor Sjöström - with Lillian Gish - USA - Warner

Napoléon - dir. Abel Gance - France - Paramount
Wings - dir. William A. Wellman - with Clara Bow - USA - Paramount

Greed - dir. Erich von Stroheim - USA - Warner

Phantom Carriage, The [Körkarlen] - dir. Victor Sjöström - Sweden - UNK


Ed Howard said...

You may know, but Silence de la mer has been released on DVD by Masters of Cinema in the UK a few months ago. And Fox has re-announced Boomerang to be among their next batch of noir titles, along with Preminger's Daisy Kenyon, which otherwise probably belongs on this list too.

Joe said...

I did know about Le Silence de la mer, but I was trying to comprise a list of titles unavailable in the US. And thanks for letting me know about Fox reannouncing Boomerang; I hadn't heard.

wasitworthit said...

Cobra Woman is on DVD in france - in fact, perhaps I'll watch it now. Also, Dietrich's collabs with V.S. Dishonored & Shanghai Express have still never seen the light of day, even though the latter was acquired by Criterion a million years ago