17 October 2007

Who Knew?

Who knew Fellini would lend so well to gay pornography? Sure, you knew there was bound to be a not-so-clever homage to the director with a title like , but that isn’t his only pornographic adaptation out there. New York-based pornographer Michael Lucas released last year, La dolce vita -- you guessed it, a hard-porn gay remake of the Fellini classic… and with high production values, too. Naturally, Anouk Aimée’s character was recast as a man, but, as seen above, they still used a woman, and not a tranny, for Anita Ekberg. With all of its decadence, can you really say you're surprised at this? Apparently the homosexual community is in high support of renowned world cinema classics, as La dolce vita isn’t the only film to get a queer update, though the only porn as far as I know. In the past year, remakes of both Antonioni’s L’avventura and Max Ophüls’ La ronde have been released on DVD, entitled Phoenix and Nine Lives, respectively. Though I don’t know for sure, I would imagine that Bergman’s Persona or even Cries and Whispers (though that would be really sleazy) would be ripe for a lesbian porn feature… and though a reworking of the classics would normally irk me to no end, I can’t say I don’t find these films, at least, inspired in their ambitious endeavors.

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