08 November 2007

After AfterDark

AfterDark Films, the studio responsible for such abortions as Captivity and The Abandoned as well as a bunch of other horror films you've hopefully never heard of, have chosen to pull the film Frontière(s) from their "8 Films to Die for" tour. Frontière(s), or Frontier(s) as it's translated, premiered this year at Toronto as part of their midnight screenings. The film received a handful of praise and was to be the only film AfterDark Films would release of any interest to me. It got an NC-17 rating from the MPAA and got bumped... Do people under 17 actually go to these screenings anyway? According to their website, they plan a separate release for the film, uncut (as they say); so much for any desire I once had to check out their otherwise shitty "8 Films to Die for."

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