16 November 2007

Lynchian Overkill

I usually try to keep close tabs on what's being released around the country, so I found it much to my surprise that a film entitled Lynch, about - you guessed it - David Lynch's "creative process," is making its round in New York City. As I've stated before, Lynch just ceases to thrill me after all these years... and Inland Empire, along with More Things That Happened, have been the nail in the coffin. Naturally, I can't resist him completely (my ennui was spared just two weeks ago by a return to Twin Peaks), but I think the digital format has steered him far away from even my smallest of interests... and with Peaks still fresh in my memory, maybe what's been lost in the transfer from film to video is truly Lynch's charm.

I also was shocked, and pleased, to see that Rialto, who've most recently released Melville's Army of Shadows, is presenting a new print of Jean-Jacques Beineix's lovely Diva. Being that it was under Beineix's eye that I not only fell in love with Béatrice Dalle but perhaps French cinema in general, I can only hope that Diva will be coming my way soon. If not, I can at least be sure that a Criterion release will follow sometime next year.

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