03 July 2008

Bad News Tennis Shoes

Michael K from Dlisted is reporting that my dear Rose McGowan has been dropped from Robert Rodriguez's Barbarella remake, which pisses me off to no end. The studio apparently wanted a name for the lead and guess who they want to play the role made famous by Jane Fonda: Jessica fucking Alba. She's about as sexy as a hang-nail and about as interesting too, so my well wishes for the unnecessary remake have dissipated. You may know that Alba, alongside Hayden Christensen, makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Boring and talentless have never offended me so much.

On a local note, the Tivoli in the University City Loop has announced their Midnight Movie Fest for this summer/fall. The results are mixed, as usual, appealing to the dorky 80s crowd mainly, but there are a few highlights, which include the uncut version of David Lynch's Wild at Heart, which I believe is just a little more graphic decapitation/head explosion (I can't remember which) near the end, and John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch. John Waters' Pink Flamingos will also show it's filthybeautiful head, and, though I might have thought it to soon, the epic Grindhouse will also be showing. And now you can see it with people who knew what the fuck was supposed to be going on. The full list is as follows:

July 18-19 - Alien (Director's Cut)

July 25-26 - American Psycho

Aug 1-2 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Aug 8-9 - Wild at Heart (Uncut) - No One Under 18 Admitted

Aug 15-16 - Jurassic Park

Aug 22-23 - The Breakfast Club

Aug 29-30 - Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

Sept 5-6 - The Dark Crystal

Sept 12-13 - Grindhouse

Sept 19-20 - Rear Window

Sept 26-27 - The Crow (new print)

Oct 3-4 - My Neighbor Totoro (in English)

Oct 10-11 - Pink Flamingos - No One Under 18 Admitted

Oct 17-18 - 2001: A Space Odyssey

Oct 24-25, Oct 31-Nov 1 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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lane said...

yeah, i was most interested in barbarella when drew barrymore was attached. now i'm not sure who i'd like to see, but jessica alba is DEFINITELY not on the list.