22 September 2008

Facets, New Yorker, Weinstein, IFC in Dec

The Weinstein Company has announced a release of the British horror film Eden Lake from director James Watkins, who just wrote the script for the upcoming sequel to The Descent, for 30 December. IFC has also announced that Christopher Zalla's Sangre de mi sangre will be out on 16 December.

New Yorker has announced three short documentaries by Werner Herzog for 9 December. The films include The Dark Glow of the Mountains [Gasherbrum - Der leuchtende Berg] (1985), Ballad of the Little Solider [Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten] (1984) and Precautions Against Fanatics [Massnahmen gegen Fanatiker] (1969).

Facets will release another film from both Alexander Kluge and Helma Sanders-Brahms. Artists in the Big Top: Perplexed [Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: Ratlos] will join Facet's releases of Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave and Yesterday Girl for Kluge, just as My Heart Is Mine Alone [Mein Herz - Niemandem!] will join The Future of Emily, Germany Pale Mother, No Mercy No Future and Under the Pavement Lies the Strand for Sanders-Brahms. Facets will also be releasing Jean-Claude Brisseau's Céline on 23 December.

And I've heard from the grapevine that Criterion will release The Exterminating Angel this February. Could be a rumor, but that's all I got.


Nicholas Galvin said...

It would make sense for them to release The Exterminating Angel considering their affinity for other Bunuel works, so I hope so. And these Herzog shorts look very interesting. His documentaries are almost always excellent, primarily because he doesn't bother to distill his own personal philosophies in a futile attempt at objectivity.

Joe said...

I think that's precisely why his documentaries are so great. Have you seen Land of Silence and Darkness?

Thom said...

There was a hint in the most recent Criterion e-newsletter that suggested they'd be putting this out.

It is exxxxxcellent.

Joe said...

That must have slipped my mind. I just heard from other sources that it'd be out in February. Thanks THOM.