14 October 2009

DVD Update - 14 October

I'm suffering a seasonal malady, so there may be a lag in posting for the next few days. We'll see. For now, here's a DVD update. It looks as though Magnolia acquired a number of Netflix's former distribution studio Red Envelope Entertainment's releases and are making them available again come 3 November. All of the titles were previously released by Genius and sadly does not include the two Lukas Moodysson films, Lilja 4-ever and A Hole in My Heart, which Netflix had for rental only.

Some changes: As expected, both Pandorum and Capitalism: A Love Story have vanished from Amazon. The original November date I provided for Moon is obviously not accurate, and I'm told it's now sometime in January. District 9 is now 15 December. Tokyo Shock's Five Element Ninjas has been pushed to 26 January, and Sony's Rita Hayworth box will now be released on 23 February.

- 4, 2005, d. Ilya Khrjanovsky, Magnolia, 3 November
- The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania, 2005, d. Judy Eldred, David Hunt, Magnolia, 3 November
- C.R.A.Z.Y., 2005, d. Jean-Marc Vallée, Magnolia, 3 November
- Cowboy del amor, 2005, d. Michèle Ohayon, Magnolia, 3 November
- Favela Rising, 2005, d. Matt Mochary, Jeff Zimbalist, Magnolia, 3 November
- Heading South [Vers el sud], 2005, d. Laurent Cantet, Magnolia, 3 November
- Mana: Beyond Belief, 2004, d. Peter Friedman, Roger Manley, Magnolia, 3 November
- Memron, 2004, d. Nancy Hower, Magnolia, 3 November
- The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio [L'orchestra di Piazza Vittorio], 2006, d. Agostino Ferrente, Magnolia, 3 November
- The Puffy Chair, 2005, d. Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, Magnolia, 3 November
- Rank, 2006, d. John Hyams, Magnolia, 3 November
- Small Town Gay Bar, 2006, d. Malcolm Ingram, Magnolia, 3 November
- Street Fight, 2005, d. Marshall Curry, Magnolia, 3 November
- This Film Is Not Yet Rated, 2006, d. Kirby Dick, Magnolia, 3 November
- Yo soy Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas!, 2006, d. Liz Garbus, Rosie Perez, Magnolia, 3 November
- Diagnosis: Death, 2009, d. Jason Stutter, Lionsgate, 29 December, w. Bret McKenzie, Jermaine Clement
- Dark Rage, 2008, d. Lee Akehurst, Cinema Epoch, 12 January
- The Hurt Locker, 2008, d. Kathryn Bigelow, Summit, 12 January
- Onimasa: A Japanese Godfather, 1982, d. Hideo Gosha, AnimEigo, 12 January
- The Brotherhood V: Alumni, d. David DeCoteau, here! Films, 9 February
- Eleven Minutes, 2008, d. Michael Selditch, Robert Tate, here! Films, 9 February
- The Pit and the Pendulum, 2009, d. David DeCoteau, here! Films, 9 February
- The Song of Sparrows, d. Majid Majidi, here! Films, 9 February
- $9.99, d. Tatia Rosenthal, here! Films, 23 February
- Breakfast with Scot, 2007, d. Laurie Lynd, here! Films, 23 February

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-M said...

Happy to see the excellent Street Fight getting a release again. Unhappy that I paid nearly $20 for my copy which I bought after it went out of print.