11 October 2009

We Belong Together

Isabelle Huppert and Michael Haneke will join forces yet again for the director's latest project, which begins filming next year. It will be their third pairing, after La pianiste [The Piano Teacher] and Le temps du loup [Time of the Wolf] and after his latest The White Ribbon [Das weiße Band] was awarded the Palme d'Or in May by Huppert and her jury. The yet-untitled film will also mark Jean-Louis Trintignant's return to the screen after almost ten years of absence. He did have a bit part in the film Janis et John (Patrice Chéreau's Ceux qui m'aime prendront le train [Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train] was his last major role in 1998) but has been otherwise absent from the screen following his daughter Marie's death in 2003. Being Isabelle Huppert's "friend" on Facebook has its perks.


James Hansen said...

Can't go wrong with these two!

Jim VB said...

Oh hell yes.