06 January 2010

DVD Release Update, 6 January

Here are some DVD announcements from the past couple of weeks. Still, nothing super exciting, other than Kino's Blu-ray release of Wong Kar-wai's Fallen Angels, set for 16 March. They are in descending order of release.

- Cairo Station [Bab el hadid], 1958, d. Youssef Chahine, Typecast Releasing, 23 February
- Tapeheads, 1988, d. Bill Fishman, MGM, 9 March, w. John Cusack, Tim Robbins, Jessica Walter, Susan Tyrrell
- Broken Embraces [Los abrazos rotos], 2009, d. Pedro Almodóvar, also on Blu-ray, Sony, 16 March
- The Black Balloon, 2008, d. Elissa Down, Terra Entertainment, 23 March, w. Toni Collette
- Séraphine, 2008, d. Martin Provost, Music Box Films/MPI, 23 March
- Afghan Star, 2009, d. Havana Marking, Zeitgeist, 30 March
- The Killer, 1989, d. John Woo, also on Blu-ray, Dragon Dynasty/Weinstein Company, 30 March
- Sabu Double Feature [Savage Drums / Jungle Hell], 1951, 1956, d. William Berke, Norman A. Cerf, VCI, 30 March
- Sea Devils, 1953, d. Raoul Walsh, VCI, 30 March
- The Daisy Chain, 2008, d. Aisling Walsh, Image, 13 April, w. Samantha Morton, Steven Mackintosh
- Monamour, 2005, d. Tinto Brass, Cult Epics, 27 April
- The Voyeur [L'uomo che guarda], 1994, d. Tinto Brass, Cult Epics, 27 April
- Prodigal Sons, 2008, d. Kimberly Reed, First Run Features, 20 July


Ricky Blue said...

I'm just all about ordering that foreign region DVD of Boom! that just came out.

Joe said...

YES! Boom! is fantastic, and who knows when Universal will get around to releasing it in the US.