03 January 2010

Resolution Probability

I'm usually cautious about broadcasting any New Years resolutions that I may or may not have declared to myself; running around barking about how you've quit having one night stands (or whatever, that isn't mine, trust me) for the new year leads you to the inevitable quicker. Or so I've witnessed. However, as this particular resolution I've made (namely, to keep better records of the films I watch throughout the year) is one that comes about every year with little success, I was wondering if any of you had any special way of doing so. Perhaps online somewhere? I've already started an Excel sheet to track the three films I've already watched in '10, but it may be useful to have this list on the Internet somewhere. Maybe. The thought of avoiding all '00 films I've already seen crossed my mind, as a revisit of Rachel Getting Married yesterday made me regret its low-ish placement on my Decade List. But that sort of resolution doesn't seem likely to happen. We'll see if this project produces any success... as I'd love for it to move into other territories, like balancing my checkbook.


Ricky Blue said...

Maybe the documents section in gmail?

Blake Williams said...

I agree, Google Docs' spreadsheet is a good tool for this, though it has some limitations that Excel doesn't have, but it's good for simple stuff like lists.

I started logging films I saw early last year in a tab on my blog, and I'll never go back to not doing it. It makes year-end ranking so much easier, and it feels so official.

Joe said...

That sounds like the plan. Thanks guys.

I could never rank them as I go, but as long as I start keeping better track of what I'm viewing this year, I'll be happy.