17 February 2010

Berlinale in Posters, 2010, Part 2

And now for the world premieres (or close enough) from the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival. It is absolutely within the realm of possibility that one or two of these aren't even showing in Berlin this year and bowed at Sundance or will premiere at SXSW. All the posters/films started running together after a while. While I would have preferred to stick to official posters, some of these are ugly market one-sheets, some look to be the covers of press booklets and others might just be wallpapers for your desktop. The standards weren't high. Unfortunately, I came out empty-handed with the new films from Angela Schanelec, Anahí Berneri and Rosa von Praunheim. But here are the rest; I hope you enjoy.


Simon said...

I should know what Berlinale is, shouldn't I?

reassurance said...

The Berlin International Film Festival, which will be ending on Sunday.

-M said...

That poster for Amphetamine is the fucking SHIT. I love it. There are some great pieces here. True Legend is one of those movies I'd die to see right now.