29 March 2008

Oh, THAT's Why...

According to Premiere's Glenn Kelly, Chapter 27 is "the most godawful, irredeemable film yet to emerge in the 21st century." Wow! As a paid film critic, I'm sure he's had to watch all those films from the creators of Date Movie, so that's saying something. Like the quiet smirks I had when Southland Tales and Marie Antoinette were panned at Cannes, my complete and utter distaste for Jared Leto can now be shared widely. Another hilarious tid-bit, from Nathan Rabin of The Onion AV Club, "Perhaps the harshest criticism that can be directed at Chapter 27 is that it's awful even for a late-period Lindsay Lohan movie." Double yowza. Read more awful reviews at GreenCine Daily or Metacritic... better yet put on your favorite 30 Seconds to Mars album and revel in Jared Leto's awfulness.

1 comment:

-M said...

Uh, don't even TRY to connect my favorite band to this movie. I'm starting to wonder exactly where I saw a good review or two. No, really.