03 March 2008

Um, stfu

Apparently someone in the American press wasn't too happy that Marion Cotillard won the Best Actress Oscar for La Vie en rose and have republished comments she made, out-of-context of course, about 9/11. Christ, leave the girl alone. I think America's xenophobia has really come out from under the woodwork after the four acting Oscars went to Europeans, as I've had to read and overhear some of the most inane comments like "she can't even speak English." Yeah, well, how did she act in A Good Year and Abel Ferrara's Mary then? I wouldn't blame Ms. Cotillard for running clear from American cinema and staying where I'm sure a lot of assholes would contest "where she belongs." Fuck.


Erich Kuersten said...

ah, there's haters in every country. I'm sure there's journalists in France who have slammed her for even accepting the award from a warmongering democra-fascist regime like ours, etc.

People are turning rabid and I blame ze web!

Joe said...