20 May 2008

Benten Films in August

Benten Films announced their fourth DVD release, Kentucker Audley's Team Picture, a return to "mumblecore" after releasing The Free Will from Germany. The film was shot in Memphis, Tennessee and features a couple of the same actors from fellow Memphis-ite Morgan Jon Fox's Away (A)wake. I found nothing else of interest in the rest of Ryko's August releases, unless you're psyched about yet-another repackaging of Cannibal Holocaust.

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Jim Rohner said...

Good afternoon, Joe. Though this entry was made back in May, I thought you'd still be interested in what I have to say.

Recently I posted a podcast interview with Andrew Grant and Aaron Hillis from Benten Films and the conversation between them and House Next Door's Keith Uhlich is edifying and engaging in regards to the world of DIY films and distribution for them. I would encourage you to listen to the podcast at the link listed below and feel free to pass it around, link to it, or host it on your blog:

Thanks a lot for your time! Hope you enjoy the podcast.