31 May 2008


I don't know if Paramount/Legend Films added this to their release schedule after they announced the bulk of the rest or if I just missed it, but Jacques Demy's The Pied Piper will also be available on 1 July. The film stars Donovan as the titular flutist and also stars Donald Pleasance and John Hurt.

Kino will release the Oscar-nominated Beaufort, from Israel, on 30 September. New Yorker will release the Sri Lankan drama The Forsaken Land on 26 August, as well as Davide Ferrario's documentary Primo Levi's Journey on 19 August. IFC Films will have How to Rob a Bank, starring Nick Stahl, Erika Christensen, Gavin Rossdale, Leo Fitzpatrick and David Carradine, on 2 September.

Lionsgate will re-issue Love and a .45, with Renée Zellweger and Gil Bellows, on 19 August. Strand is releasing Karim Ainouz's (Madame Satã) Love for Sale on 26 August. The Weinstein Company will have Dario Argento's hilariously awful Mother of Tears, starring his daughter, out before Halloween, 23 September to be exact. My half birthday! First Run Features will have The Sacred Family (La sagrada familia) on 19 August. And that looks to be all for now.

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