12 May 2008

For shame!

Eric has delivered the bad news: The Story of Piera will not be a part of Koch Lorber's Marco Ferreri box-set. Granted, I think I'm the only one who's disappointed about that, but still! He has the full list on his blog.


filmbo said...

I think this means that someone else owns the rights. I don't know much about the film, but maybe this means there's more coming.

Joe said...

As far as I know, Piera never had an official US release. Despite Hanna Schygulla winning the Best Actress prize at Cannes that year, I'm pretty sure it was widely panned. I found out about it through this coffee table book about sex and cinema. I think it's only available in Germany (and maybe Italy). It's just one of those strange films no one has ever heard of that's always piqued my interest. I dunno.