03 October 2008

Some DVD Announcements, Nothing to Write Home to Mom About...

Kino has added two films to their December release calendar: Arthur Dreifuss' The Quare Fellow and Suzanne Wagner's doc The World Within: C.G. Jung in His Own Words, set for the 9th and 2nd respectively. First Run Features will also be releasing a collection of The Watermelon Woman director Cheryl Dunye's early shorts on 9 December.

Likely through the weird distribution they've been using for their smaller titles like Son of Rambow and The Foot Fist Way, Paramount will release Nanette Burstein's American Teen on 2 December. If you're not familiar with how they handled Rambow and Fist, the titles have been exclusive purchases to Best Buy but readily available at all US rental outlets. I haven't seen American Teen listed on any other online retailers, so it may go through the same model.

ThinkFilm, through Image, will be releasing Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired on 27 January, as well as the horror flick Blackout, starring Aiden Gillen and Amber Tamblyn, on 13 January. Image will also be releasing Jessica Yu's Ping Pong Playa on 6 January, which I thought to be an IFC title... I also noticed in looking through some of Genius' January releases that no IFC titles were announced. Have they changed distributors? I have no idea. But the only semi-notable Genius release will be a Norwegian spoof of Kill Bill entitled Kill Buljo on 20 January.

And finally, Oscilloscope Pictures will be releasing the documentary Flow on 9 December. Amazon also has Kelly Reichardt's latest Wendy and Lucy, starring Michelle Williams, coming out on 18 November, but I can't help but think this might be an error, as it isn't scheduled to hit US theatres until 10 December. If you hear anything differently, let me know.

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