14 October 2008


I was extremely saddened to hear that Guillaume Depardieu, the actor son of Gérard, passed away yesterday at the age of 37. GreenCine reports that he died of pneumonia. This is very sad news indeed. Guillaume followed brilliantly in his father's footsteps, taking on challenging roles with skilled directors. He currently has two films playing in theatres in France: De la guerre, alongside Mathieu Amalric and Asia Argento, and Versailles. He was currently filming Alex Iordachescu's L'Enfance d'Icare with Alysson Paradis and set to act in his first English-language film Men Don't Lie with Michael Madsen, Leo Gregory and Margo Stilley. He shall be missed.

Notable Filmography

Versailles - dir. Pierre Schöller (2008)
De la guerre [On War] - dir. Bertrand Bonello (2008)
Peur(s) du noir [Fear(s) of the Dark] - dir. Various (2007)
La France - dir. Serge Bozon (2007)
The Duchess of Langeais [Ne touchez pas la hache] - dir. Jacques Rivette (2007)
Process - dir. C.S. Leigh (2004)
Peau d'ange - dir. Vincent Perez (2002)
A Loving Father [Aime ton père] - dir. Jacob Berger (2002)
Pola X - dir. Leos Carax (1999)
Tous les matins du monde [All the Mornings of the World] - dir. Alain Corneau


-M said...

You think anyone ever told him he looked like Julian Sands? And do you think it was meant as a compliment?

Joe said...

Well, who would you rather look like? Julian Sands or Gérard Depardieu?