05 November 2008

...is the opiate of the masses

I posted something about the film La león earlier today, announcing its distributor change from Water Bearer Films to Music Box Films, but now TLA has cover artwork and a UPC code for WB's December release for the film... so it's safe to say that I have no idea what's going on with this title.

And like most of you, I'm not feeling particularly film-y today. I try to reserve politics to film writing, but I can't help but feel elation and disgust from Election Day 08. On one hand, Obama's victory announced the "change" everyone's been hoping for, but on another hand, California has proven that small-minded people still plague this nation with the passing of Proposition 8. I'm not a bleeding heart, someone who ever planned on getting married or even a fan of most of the gay people I know, but I've adopted a Raspberry Reich-inspired aggressiveness that's pretty hard to shake. To some I may be the Debbie Downer of Obama's party, but his victory, when combined with Prop 8's more-than-likely pass, isn't looking so much like the people of a nation looking after one another but selfish ulterior motives of the ignorant and hateful. On the bright side, at least this election proved that the United States isn't any closer to a reversal on Roe v Wade.

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