12 November 2008


I'm not usually in the habit of posting about films in production, but as I've already mentioned the Serge Gainsbourg biopic in addition to the casting of Todd Solondz's new film, why not add two more? It looks as if the Arrested Development film is back on again, after that little teaser on the show's farewell and numerous shot-down rumors.

And according to a friend-of-a-friend (yeah, sorry), Claire Denis' White Material, which stars Isabelle Huppert (her first time working with the director), Isaach de Bankolé and Nicolas Duvauchelle, should be ready in time for Berlin in 09. Then again, call me a skeptic, but 35 rhums was supposed to be ready for Cannes earlier this year.


neuroglyphix said...

1. please let me know when either/or/both Denis films are coming through the midwest.

2. M. Huppert looks fucking hot.

Joe said...

1. I absolutely will. Last time I checked no one had picked up 35 rhums for US distribution yet.

2. She always does.