02 November 2008

If you're not in the mood for a Jewish cross-dressing musical...

I'm sure you're probably still reeling from that Yentl announcement, but I have a few more for you. blaq out/Facets continues with their collection of Jean-Claude Brisseau films in January with Workers for the Good Lord [Les savates du bon Dieu], starring Stanislas Merhar. Facets also continues their releases of Alexander Kluge's films with The Indomitable Leni Peikert [Die Unbezähmbare Leni Peickert]. Both street on 27 January. And in other Brisseau news, IFC has purchased the rights to his latest film, À l'aventure, when opens in France at the end of the month.

I've gotten word of a few of the Weinstein Company's February releases (which strangely do not include any IFC Films, just like January... more on that later). First is Marc Caro's first post-Jeunet feature Dante 01, a sci-fi flick with Lambert Wilson and Dominique Pinon, set for 3 Feb. The following week has Agnès Merlet's English-language Dorothy Mills, which stars the lovely Carice van Houten (Black Book). And look for Pascal Laugier's violent Martyrs on the 24th. According to the IMDb, Martyrs was originally hit with an 18 rating in France, a rating usually reserved for the sauciest of films.

New Yorker/Cinema Guild will release Christian Petzold's Yella on 10 February, which is currently on my short-list for the best films of 2008 (US release-wise). Koch Lorber's only title for February is Eric Rohmer's The Romance of Astrée and Céladon [Les amours d'Astrée et de Céladon], set for 10 February. And finally, Lionsgate/Studio Canal has the comedy I Do [Prête-moi ta main] with Charlotte Gainsbourg set for 13 January.

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