10 January 2008

Dare-aoke: Part 1

Good Luck Chuck - dir. Mark Helfrich - 2007 - USA

Good Luck Chuck is the first in a series of blog posts that I will be making throughout the year, in which I'm dared to watch something that I would never choose to watch on my own. My homegirl Mike over at Hetero-erotica was the man responsible for this horrendous viewing party, where I, at least, got my basement cleaned while enduring Dane Cook's feeble attempt at deriving laughs from stupid viewers. I'm looking at its IMDb page right now and if you want an example of how good Good Luck Chuck is, the first two plot keywords listed are "hit in groin" and "non-statutory female-on-male rape." Ya dig? You probably won't here. The laugh-count hit a whopping zero, and when you multiply that by the numbers of breasts seen in the film.... you still get zero. I wish I had more to say here other than, "surprise! this blows!" but if you've ever seen Dane Cook or Jessica Alba before, you'd spot the redundancy in that statement a mile away. I think what astounds me most is how I can't even picture anyone deriving the least bit of enjoyment out of this, but - really - don't help me out with that. Up next week: Boondock Saints (yeah, yuck).


Ed Howard said...

Boondock Saints is totally ridiculous, and definitely not "good," but I wouldn't put it in a category with Dane Cook. If nothing else, it's entertaining, and Willem Dafoe's campy performance is pretty fun if you can overlook its potential offensiveness.

Hetero-Erotica said...

I would. Shit is shit, no matter how you dress it up. He made me watch "Another Gay Movie." That's not even with Dane Cook either.