22 January 2008

Norbit is an Oscar nominee

Yeah, that's fucking right. Norbit has been recognized by the Academy (and not just in being the possible reason for a snub of Eddie Murphy last year), but for make-up. Yep, Norbit, Oscar nominee. Other than that, I'm pretty disappointed I woke up early for this shit (also not because I had to watch Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera ruin my morning leading up to the nominations) because all of the surprises (Laura Linney, Tommy Lee Jones) were hardly earth-shattering. One good thing I'll say is that I'm just fine with Hal Holbrook receiving Into the Wild's only nomination this year (though if it had to be nominated for something, I'd rather it gone to Catherine Keener). And Once's chances at a Best Original Song win increased extraordinarily without the competition of Eddie Vedder.

And, you guessed it, I beat Mike in our Battle #2, though you probably didn't guess that I would have only beat him by 1 single point! The rules stipulate that he's going to have to wine and dine me in the near future, and you best believe that shit gunna be expensive! Here's how the shit went down (me in red, him in blue):

Best Picture: 20 / 18
Best Director: 16 / 13
Best Actor: 18 / 19
Best Actress: 15 / 17
Best Supporting Actor: 20 / 20
Best Supporting Actress: 17 / 16
Best Original Screenplay: 18 / 18
Best Adapted Screenplay: 19 / 17
Wild Card: 14 / 18

Neither Mike nor I were aware that Jonny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood was disqualified for using other material and previously recorded material, so that screwed my wild card further. Anyway, here are the full nominations.

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pharmacy said...

I don't what to say because Norbit is not bad but isn't good, I'd give that OSCAR to other movie.