14 January 2008

Huevos de oro

So, yeah, those Golden Globes. I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about how they turn out, even more so than for being the first of three cutthroat competitions Mike at Hetero-erotica and I partake in this time of year. I suppose the backlash is already beginning, thanks to their non-ceremony tonight in which two dolts from Access Hollywood (I think?) read off the nominees and (some of the) winners. I'd personally like to thank Marion Cotillard and Julie Christie for putting me ahead of the game and trumping Mike in battle number one, but how about Juno going home empty handed? And Julian Schnabel winning best director? The Globes started the backlash trend by shutting Sean Penn's Into the Wild out of all the major awards (thank God) and have begun to suggest that maybe Hollywood isn't as smitten with Juno as the numbers may suggest. No Country for Old Men, the frontrunner in the best picture race, also lost to Atonement, a film I had suspected would have gotten the backlash long before No Country.

Tonight also marked the day that Mike and I had to turn in our Oscar ballots, better known as Battle #2. The rules were a little different this year. We both got six choices for the big categories: Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supp. Actor, Supp. Actress, Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay (foreign is such a weird category, and unlike last year, the Academy didn't narrow their choices down to ten). The choices were to be ranked in order of probability, giving the person 6 points for their number 1, 5 for number 2, and so on. In order to make things a bit more interesting, we also threw in a wild card category, in which we could list six picks for any of the categories not mentioned, also in order of probability. It's an effective system if you care to use it or care to waste time being a dork like Mike and I love to do. Being the clueless saps we are, we didn't realize that those Academy Award nominations won't be announced until 23 January, but we decided to finalize our choices tonight anyway. My choices will be in red; Mike's will be in blue. They are as follows:

Best Picture

6 points: No Country for Old Men / No Country for Old Men
5 points: There Will Be Blood / Atonement
4 points: Atonement / The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
3 points: Michael Clayton / There Will Be Blood
2 points: Juno / Michael Clayton
1 point: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / Juno

Best Director
6p: The Coen Brothers - NCFOM / The Coen Brothers - NCFOM
5p: Paul Thomas Anderson - TWBB / Paul Thomas Anderson - TWWB
4p: Julian Schnabel - TDBATB / Joe Wright - Atonement
3p: Joe Wright - Atonement / Sidney Lumet - BTDKYD
2p: Sidney Lumet - BTDKYD / Julian Schnabel - TDBATB
1p: Tony Gilroy - MC / Sean Penn - ITW

Best Actor

6p: Daniel Day-Lewis - TWBB / Daniel Day-Lewis - TWWB
5p: George Clooney - MC / George Clooney - MC
4p: Viggo Mortensen - EP / Viggo Mortensen - EP
3p: Johnny Depp - ST / Johnny Depp - ST
2p: James McAvoy - Atonement / Ryan Gosling - LATRG
1p: Frank Langella - SOITE / James McAvoy - Atonement

Best Actress
6p: Julie Christie - AFH / Ellen Page - Juno
5p: Marion Cotillard - LVER / Julie Christie - AFH
4p: Ellen Page - Juno / Marion Cotillard - LVER
3p: Keira Knightley - Atonement / Angelina Jolie - AMH
2p: Helena Bonham Carter - ST / Laura Linney - The Savages
1p: Angelina Jolie - AMH / Keira Knightley - Atonement

Best Supporting Actor
6p: Javier Bardem - NCFOM / Javier Bardem - NCFOM
5p: Casey Affleck - TAOJJBTCRF / Casey Affleck - TAOJJBTCRF
4p: Philip Seymour Hoffman - CWW / Philip Seymour Hoffman - CWW
3p: Tom Wilkinson - MC / Hal Holbrook - ITW
2p: Hal Holbrook - ITW / Tom Wilkinson - MC
1p: Max Von Sydow - TDBATB / Tommy Lee Jones - NCFOM

Best Supporting Actress
6p: Amy Ryan - GBG / Amy Ryan - GBG
5p: Cate Blanchett - INT / Tilda Swinton - MC
4p: Tilda Swinton - MC / Cate Blanchett - INT
3p: Catherine Keener - ITW / Catherine Keener - ITW
2p: Saoirse Ryan - Atonement / Kelly Macdonald - NCFOM
1p: Vanessa Redgrave - Atonement / Ruby Dee - AG

Best Original Screenplay
6p: Juno / Juno
5p: The Savages / Ratatouille
4p: Michael Clayton / Michael Clayton
3p: Ratatouille / Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
2p: Waitress / The Savages
1p: I'm Not There / Lars and the Real Girl

Best Adapted Screenplay
6p: No Country for Old Men / No Country for Old Men
5p: There Will Be Blood / There Will Be Blood
4p: Atonement / Atonement
3p: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / Charlie Wilson's War
2p: Charlie Wilson's War / The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
1p: Away from Her / Gone Baby Gone

Wild Card
6p: Ratatouille - Animated Film / Roger Deakins - NCFOM - Cinematography
5p: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days - Foreign Film / Roger Deakins - TWBB - Cinematography
4p: No End in Sight - Documentary / Ratatouille - Animated Film
3p: Janusz Kaminski - TDBATB - Cinematography / No End in Sight - Documentary
2p: Jonny Greenwood - TWBB - Score / Dario Marianelli - Atonement - Score
1p: "Falling Slowly" - Once - Original Song / Jonny Greenwood - TWBB - Score

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-M said...

Uh, the Atonement backlash begins today, apparently. Some insist it will be left out of best picture. If so, at least both of us are screwed.