06 January 2008

Frown-y Face?

I can't really defend or explain why... but Gregg Araki's Smiley Face got to me. Sure, it was probably the worst follow-up Araki could have had after Mysterious Skin, and yeah, it sounds really awful (a pseudo-actress accidentally eats her roommate's pot brownies only to embark on an outrageous journey to pay off her dealer, make sure her electricity doesn't get turned off, go to an audition, and return a copy of the Communist Manifesto to its rightful owner). A fellow Araki-fan-slash-friend-of-mine said, bluntly, "this movie was for all those critics who'd always suspected all Araki was ever doing was making stupid teen movies. Here you go!" In Anna Farris, Araki found probably the most charming lead he could... and, shit, I just don't know how to convince anyone that it's worth their time, especially Araki fans, but it sure was worth mine.

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