09 February 2009

I look to Clueless for answers to all of life's big questions...

Finding a job in this economy is like finding meaning in a Paulie Shore movie... (thanks Cher Horowitz) So, such endeavor has been consuming my life lately, which is why I haven't posted the final 2009 update for the Americas. It'll be a big post, but I should be finished with it in the next couple of days. Also, hopefully I'll get around to dishing out those Fin de cinema awards for 2008 before the Oscars. Speaking of, the BAFTAs were given out the other day, and I hate to call an awards show where Penélope Cruz goes home a winner boring, but... And speaking of the Oscars, Frozen River is the last film I need to see (after suffering through The Reader, which was a chore to say the least). Too bad watching shitty Kate Winslet movies doesn't really pay the bills any more.

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