13 February 2009

Wait, last year where...?

Again, Criterion has teased me with that Last Year at Marienbad release only to not follow through again for the month of May. Instead, I can already cross off Wise Blood from my 28 M.I.A. on DVD list I made earlier this week (everyone knew it was coming sooner or later). In addition to Wise Blood, they'll have Peter Yates' The Friends of Eddie Coyle, with Robert Mitchum and Peter Boyle, and a box of three films from Shohei Imamura: The Insect Woman, Pigs and Battleships and Intentions of Murder. No Eclipse. Another mildly disappointing month from Criterion.

Update: Nevermind about the no Eclipse. Four films from Alexander Korda.

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Blake Williams said...

The Marienbad absence was really disappointing. I've actually been holding off watching the film until they release it, which has had me waiting for, 3 years now.

Also looking forward to MoC's Muriel release.