13 July 2009

C'est l'heure d'été...

Over at Gone Cinema Poaching, I was asked to rank some of the best films of the first six months 0f 2009. Since we were going by US release date, my list was bigger than it would have been otherwise (I've been in kind of a slump). The obvious #1 was Olivier Assayas' Summer Hours [L'heure d'été], but just to shake things up, I also included two direct-to-video French horror flicks: Fabrice Du Welz's Vinyan (think Don't Look Now by way of Apocalypse Now with Emmanuelle Béart as your substitute for Julie Christie) and Pascal Laugier's Martyrs. You can check the full "list" at the link above, and despite both titles ending with the same adverb, there's no clever way of combining Don't Look Now and Apocalypse Now... I've tried.

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